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I often see these boss vs leader illustrations in my LinkedIn feed. I’ve seen many people post them — some posters are individual contributors, and some are managers or senior leaders in the industry. People post these illustrations for a number of reasons — we have all encountered managers in either category and we can relate our experiences with them, but I think there’s more. There’s the Dunning-Kruger effect.

For those who are not familiar with the Dunning-Kruger effect, this 5-minute Ted-ed video explains it succinctly. In short, it’s the psychological bias that causes most drivers to believe they’re above…

Turns out, it depends.

As leaders, we are expected to be rational and make our decisions based on facts. Good leaders need to be right a lot and are expected to ignore factors that are irrelevant to the matter at hand. However, it looks like it’s much easier said than done.

I came across this research done in 2011 ( where parole judges were observed for have their decisions to grant parole or not. It turns out the decisions are affected by the judges’ own hunger level. We know that denying parole is the easier decision to make, since it takes less time to…

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Over the holidays a month ago, I decided to spend some time to try out RealityKit and RealityComposer.

Apple did a good job with making the construction of a simple AR app really easy. Here is how you can create your own simple AR app in 15 minutes.

It took me a lot more than 15 minutes because I had to upgrade XCode to XCode 12, and in order to do that I had to upgrade to Big Sur…

Assuming you’ve done all of that, and you have connected your iOS device and XCode has prepared all the team and…

As more tools are available to businesses to make data driven decisions, many people are tempted to invent their own metrics or KPIs to measure success and progress. This is especially true in the case of software companies, where many leaders have an engineering mindset and are interested in coming up with metrics of their own.

While many people are aware of fallacies to watch out for when they’re analyzing data, few are paying attention to them when they’re designing new metrics to guide their teams. Here are 3 I’ve learned to watch out for.

Survivorship bias

One topic I think about a lot is what’s the best way to motivate software engineers to do their very best every day — both because my role requires me to, but also because I’m very interested in psychology.

On one hand, everyone is different — some people are motivated by money, some are motivated because the team is working towards a shared vision, and some just want a stepping stone to their next gig. On the other hand, human nature is surprisingly universal. …

Canadians who have been watching the news in recent months learnt that there are allegations that our Governor General (the official Canadian representative of the Queen) has created a toxic climate for her office. While the allegations are still being reviewed, some of her staff defended her saying that the Governor General merely has high standards. I can definitely see that she has a very high standard for herself — after all she’s an astronaut with an engineering degree and speaks six languages….

“Vincent sets incredibly high standards for himself and ambitious goals for the team. “

As some of…

Photo: Creative Common License. Donald Clark.

When organizations look for leaders, not many would look for leaders with big egos. Yet when we look around, in companies or in society, we would undoubtedly label certain leaders as having big egos. Perhaps they’re somehow in their positions because their other qualities are more important to the success of the organization and people around them just learned to tolerate such behavior. Or perhaps they haven’t spent enough time doing self-introspection, and are completely oblivious to the fact that they are the egotistical maniac that everyone is pointing at.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, J.F. Kennedy

In many software companies, the Product and the Engineering departments are very closely connected. While many companies keep the two departments separate, there are also companies that would have the Product org inside the Engineering org, and vice versa. Regardless of how your company is organized, I believe it’s important for engineering leaders to have a good understanding of how great software products are designed.

At my current company, all engineering leaders are also expected to be product owners for their product areas. …

Vincent Chu

I'm an engineering leader in a SAS company with more than 15 years of software industry experience.

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