As anyone who’s been focusing on creating the best products possible would tell you, building software that users love is extremely difficult. Yet most software engineers are only interested in the implementation part, and not many spend time thinking about what users care about the most. A common argument justifying…

One topic I think about a lot is what’s the best way to motivate software engineers to do their very best every day — both because my role requires me to, but also because I’m very interested in psychology.

On one hand, everyone is different — some people are motivated…

Photo: Creative Common License. Donald Clark.

When organizations look for leaders, not many would look for leaders with big egos. Yet when we look around, in companies or in society, we would undoubtedly label certain leaders as having big egos. Perhaps they’re somehow in their positions because their other qualities are more important to the success…

Vincent Chu

I'm an engineering leader in a SAS company with more than 15 years of software industry experience.

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